Saturday, July 14, 2007

Do You know?????

Do you know what it means when I say I Love You?
Do you truly understand,
I hope you do The love that I have is very deep in my soul
The Love I have for you,
I can not control I would do anything to bring a smile to your face

I will always be there with a warm embrace
My shoulder will be there when you have to ball
My hand will be reaching for you when you fall
When you are hurting, I too will feel your pain

And when things get out of control,
I will be there to keep you sane
My last breath will go to you
Baby, please understand my love is true
When I say I Love You,
Know that it comes from deep inside of me

It's not just three words, can't you see
It's all of my heart and soul put into a phrase
If people knew how much I love you,
they would be amazed So when I look deep into your beautiful eyes so anew
I can truly say that I do Love You!

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