Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Remember

I can remember the time,
when our love was deep and true.
Promises made and forever kept,
sealed for life, "I do".

Blessed by God, Heaven ordained,
intertwined; body, spirit, and soul.
Two become one, for better or worse,
a lifetime to share, the heavenly goal.

I can remember the time,
secrets shared, memories made.
Always together, never to part,
A love so strong, it could never fade.

So tell me why you’re distant,
for reasons, I don't know why.
You pack your bags, no looking back,
You never say goodbye.

My heart once so full of life,
is now broken beyond repair.
My body, spirit, and soul,
now tore in two.
This new life forced on me,
is more than I can bear.

Only love can break a heart,
and my heart your love can mend.
If you would only come home,
a renewed love God would send.

I can remember the time,
when your faith was so strong.
Nothing could come between us,
nothing could go wrong.

Remember once you believed,
our love was rare to find.

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